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Pistol Adapters
The "R2S" Pistol Adapter attaches securely to ANY pistol with an accessory rail, including Grenade Launchers.
The Pistol Adapter is used for right and left handed shooters / users
The Pistol Adapter provides the ability to use and store pistols with a suppressor, auto loaded pistol or other accessories.

The Dovetail design acts as a Gas Peddle which allows the User to bite into the front of the weapon without modifying the pistol.

The Pistol Adapter is made from a high grade Aluminum to ensure longevity and durability in all environments

The Pistol Adapter has an optional second rail which allows the User to run the pistol with a light, forward grip and suppressor all of the Pistol Adapter
The user can customize the fit to the firearm through the adjustability of the Recoil Lug

The weight of the Pistol Adapter is 2.5 ounces
The maximum capacity of the Pistol Adapter is 200lbs.

 *Please remember to clear all firearms of ammunition before connecting the R2S to your firearm.

 **This retention system should be introduced slowly into your shooting routine. Before using as a primary holster, we recommend gradually practicing to increase memory, time and speed. Practice will guarantee the operator will push the plunger down to release the lock before trying to deploy the weapon.
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Recoil Lug
Locking Block
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Helps control the pistol's recoil
Dovetail holds the weight of minimum of 200 lbs.
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Ability to run a secondary Rail for forward grip and light
Pistol Variant Package: $249.95 includes Pistol Rail Adapter, L-2 Standard Base Plate, Molle Clips, Mounting Plate and Fitted or Universal Trigger Guard

Rifle Variant: $209.99 which includes the Rifle Rail Adapter, L-2 Base Plate, and Molle Clips

Secondary Rail
Additional Secondary Picatinny Rail:
R2S Pistol Secondary Rail
The R2S Pistol Dovetail adapter allows the user to attach a secondary picatinny rail to the pistol.