"MMR" Montesquieu Magazine Rack
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The "MMR" or Montesquieu Magazine Rack was named in honor of Baron Montesquieu, a French noble that pioneered modern government with his views and studies. He was the most frequently quoted author by the founding fathers and essentially invented the idea of the separation of powers to balance government.

The MMR is a mounting platform and magazine pouch system that allows the user maximum flexibility. The MMR utilizes both Bad Company Tactical R2S's or BladeTech TMMS mounting systems. The magazine pouches can be adjusted at four different points allowing for a custom fit. With the push of a button the user can switch out from one magazine type to another. The MMR attaches with molle clips to molle attachment points.
3 Mag Rack- $ 295.00
Includes: 3 sets of TMMS Clips, 3 Mold Specific Pouches, Mounting Plate, set of Molle Clips

4 Mag Rack- $ 365.00
Includes: 4 sets of TMMS Clips, 4 Mold Specific Pouches, Mounting Plate, set of Molle Clips

Additional Pouches- $60.00