Suburban Defense: May 29

Waco Tactical Fitness is proud to present Top Down Kinetics Suburban Defense Course Lvl 1 on Saturday, May 29. The class starts at 0900 and end at 2200. this class is located at Waco Tactical Fitness: 7614 Cedar Rock Pkwy, Crawford Tx 76638. The Suburban Defense is a one day course discussing and training in civilian defense in a permissive and semi-permissive environment. Instruction will be conducted in both a classroom and range environment.

            The focus of instruction is preparing civilians for life threatening encounters that may occur in both the home, in transit in a private operated vehicle, and when fleeing from a vehicle to a structure or structure to vehicle. Mindset and method will be introduced and instructed in order to prepare students for possible worst-case defense scenarios. The goal is to introduce solutions to possible life-threatening encounters while providing mental and physical tools to preserve life and/or avoid dangerous interactions.


-Top Down Kinetics Suburban Defense is one day course with both classroom and practical applications of instruction. Class size is limited, course seats will be first come first served, age limits are for 18 and above. Some physical activity will be required.


-Cost: $300 per student (ALL PAYMENTS ARE FINAL, NO REFUNDS)


-Location: Waco Tactical Fitness

 7614 Cedar Rock Pkwy, Crawford Tx 76638


Date: Saturday, May 29th 


Day 1

·      Introduction to Suburban Defense: Classroom instruction Weapon & Equipment selection, set-up, and vehicle preparation

·      Basic Close Quarters Combat: Classroom and practical application

·      Basic Fire and Maneuver: Classroom and practical application

·      Vehicle Operations: Using the P.O.V. (private operated vehicle), employment, set up, defending from inside and outside the vehicle

·      Low Visibility Defense: Low light defense, utilizing weapon and handheld lights, low visibility target engagement

·      Live-Fire: Low visibility target engagement with light source

·      Graduation

Instructor Bios


·      Toby “Lepus” Melville: Mr. Melville is a 21-year Special Operations Veteran; service in 1st Amphibious Marine Reconnaissance Company, 1ST Marine Division 1994-1998, 25th Infantry Division 1998-2000, Army Special Forces (1st SFG (A), 19th  SFG (A), 3rd SFG (A)) 2002-2015, Military Industrial Contractor (Mobile and Static Executive Protection) 2009-Present.