• Benavidez Bandolier



    *International sales are available. Please email badcompanytactical@yahoo.com to complete an international order.

    Available Color: Coyote Brown

    • The Benavidez Bandolier is an independent fighting platform designed to be used as a stand-alone system or can complement other systems
    • Designed to fight off of; much like a chest rig
    • Design is mirrored for Left and Right handed users
    • Precision Laser slits to prevent fraying and taring 
    • Cobra buckles are used for quick release, which also includes the support strap
    • Backing is lined with a soft grade material to help prevent damage to clothing and assist in comfort
    • Zipper pouches open with internal adjustable inserts for easy custom storage
    • -The Benavidez Bandoleer is Berry compliant, produced and manufactured in America

    The system lays flat against the Operators body making this perfect for Civilians, Sensitive Operational Procedures, Medical Procedures, and as a Machine Gunners Ammo Platform.

    *Pouches are not included with Bandolier purchase.