• R2S Rifle Long Top Mount Adapter


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    Two available Rifle Adapters:
    Side Rail Adapter, Long Top Mount
    Material: Aircraft Grade Aluminum

    •  Adapters via Picattiny Rail.
    • One adapter for both right and left-handed users
    • Attaches on the right, left, top or below of the rifle
    • Use with the "R2S" Baseplate to lock your rifle in on your equipment, vehicle, quad, tree stand, horse tackle, etc..
    • Remove the Locking Mechanism from the "R2S" Baseplate for rapid deployment
    • The option to lock your Rifle is completely up to the User.
    Side Rail Mount: The placement of the mount works with the center point of gravity to prevent any cantering; if the user needs to walk, bend over or kneel down the weapon will stay secured.

    Standard / Long Top Rail Mount: Both top mounts attach to the top of the weapon. The Standard Top Rail Mount sits closer to the weapon ideal for modern rifles (SCAR, AR, AK, FAL,etc..)  The Long Top Rail Mount extends further from the weapon making sure it will not impede extended charging handles and larger optic mounts.
    IDEAL FOR THE KRISS VECTOR allowing an easy draw like a pistol.

    The "R2S" Rifle Adapters allows rapid storage and access for weapons and equipment. Perfect for shotguns, rifles, AR/AK pistols, breaching shotguns, Desert Eagle 50 cal, the M320 Grenade Launcher and so much more.

    Patent and Trademark No.

    Patent No. 10,222,172

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    Reg No. 5,328,385