• R2S Utility Combo Package



    Comes with your choice of Slim or Standard Baseplate, choice of Vertical or Horizontal Utility Adapter, pair of Tactical Tailor Malice Clips 

    Description of Utility Adapters:

    • Used for breaching tools, fishing gear, compound bows, military /LE/First responded radios, baby strollers, household tools, garden tools, construction tools, or a variety of other items.
    • Attach Utility Adapters with flex cuffs, pipe clamps and heavy duty zip ties. Flex cuffs and zip ties allow flexibility and vibration. Easy attachment and repair
    • Use with the Level 2 Modular Slim & Standard Baseplate
    • Mounts securely on your body or surface such as vehicles, quads and walls. Mount Baseplate with Mollie / Malice Clips or Mounting Plate.

    How the "R2S" Baseplates works: The Baseplate attaches to any equipment/surface, pushing down on the thumb plunger allows the spring-loaded Level Two Locking Mechanism to release the "R2S" Dovetail Adapter.

    "R2S" Baseplates:
    Material: One piece machined Delrin with brass inserts.
    Load weight: Over 500 lbs.
    Threaded pattern: Back side of Baseplate hole pattern in standard #8 hole sizes which allow
    attachment to BCT mounting plates, Blade-Tech hardware, Molle Clips and Tactical Tailor Malice Clips.
    The Clips allow the user to mount Baseplate, horizontal, vertical or angled.

    Level Two Locking Mechanism
    Material: Aircraft Grade Aluminum
    Load weight: Pull weight up to 150lbs.
    The spring-loaded locking mechanism is removable and repairable. Remove the locking mechanism when not needed

    Patent and Trademark No.

    Patent No. 10,222,172

    Patent No. D695,870

    Patent No. D685,051

    Reg No. 5,328,385