• R2S Utility Combo Package



    Comes with your choice of Slim or Standard Baseplate, choice of Vertical or Horizontal Utility Adapter, pair of Tactical Tailor Malice Clips (Slim Baseplate on backorder)

    Description of Utility Adapters:

    • Used for breaching tools, fishing gear, compound bows, military /LE/First responded radios, baby strollers, household tools, garden tools, construction tools, or a various of other items.
    • Attach Utility Adapters with flex cuffs, pipe clamps and heavy duty zip ties. Flex cuffs and zip ties allow flexibility and vibration. Easy attachment and repair
    • Use with the Level 2 Modular Slim & Standard Baseplate
    • Mounts securely on your body or surface such as vehicles, quads and walls, . Mount Baseplate with Mollie / Malice Clips or Mounting Plate.

    How the "R2S" Baseplates works: The Baseplate attaches to any equipment / surface, pushing down on the thumb plunger allows the spring loaded Level Two Locking Mechanism to release the "R2S" Dovetail Adapter.

    "R2S" Baseplates:
    Material: One piece machined Delrin with brass inserts.
    Load weight: Over 500 lbs.
    Threaded pattern: Back side of Baseplate hole pattern in standard #8 hole sizes which allows
    attachment to BCT mounting plates, Blade Tech hardware, Molle Clips and Tactical Tailor Malice Clips.
    The Clips allow the user to mount Baseplate, horizontal, vertical or angled.

    Level Two Locking Mechanism
    Material: Aircraft grade Aluminum
    Load weight: Pull weight up to 150lbs.
    The spring loaded locking mechanism is removable and repairable. Remove locking mechanism when not needed