• R2S Pistol Rail Adapter


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    Material: High-grade Aluminum

    Use with "R2S" Baseplate Standard or Slim

    • One adapter for right and left-handed shooters.
    • Securely attaches to ANY pistol with an accessory, Picatinny, or Universal rail.
    • The built-in Picatinny Rail on the adapter allows the user to attach accessories to the pistol.
    • Securely holster pistols, suppressed pistols, pistols with other accessories and optics.
    • Dovetail design acts as a Gas Peddle.
    • Recoil Lug allows customization to the pistol
    • Fitted Trigger Guards cover the trigger of the firearm while Universal Trigger Guards cover the entire firearm like a traditional holster
    The Pistol Adapter weighs 2.5 ounces, it does not weigh down or pull the firearm to one side.  

    Patent and Trademark No.

    Patent No. 10,222,172

    Patent No. D695,870

    Patent No. D685,051

    Reg No. 5,328,385