• R2S Pistol Rail Adapter



    Material: High grade Aluminum

    Use with "R2S" Baseplate Standard or Slim

    • One adapter for right and left handed shooters.
    • Securely attaches to ANY pistol with an accessory, Picatinny, or Universal rail.
    • The built in Picatinny Rail on the adapter allows the user to attach accessories to the pistol.
    • Securely holster pistols, suppressed pistols, pistols with other accessories and optics.
    • Dovetail design acts as a Gas Peddle.
    • Recoil Lug allows customization to the pistol
    • Fitted Trigger Guards cover the trigger of the firearm while Universal Trigger Guards cover the entire firearm like a traditional holster
    The Pistol Adapter weighs 2.5 ounces, it does not weigh down or pull the firearm to one side.